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Therapy, Bro

A short film

The Premise: What could possibly go wrong for two friends that decide their best course of action to help each other out in a time of equal need is to act as each other's psychiatrists?


We have a tremendous cast, an incredible crew, and just need your financial support to make it happen. We need $10,000 to make this film. That'll help pay for insurance, equipment, locations, and post production, and properly compensate everyone who works on it. We feel very strongly at Open Iris Entertainment about this project, about this team, and the potential this story has to eventually be made into a feature.


We are confident that with your support we will deliver a hysterical short film. We are going to depend on your generosity and contributions via indiegogo to make this happen. We believe in supporting the arts but also believe that a little incentive goes a long way. We hope that the perks we've created will entice you to dig deep into your pockets and support the talented cast and crew in making "Therapy, Bro". We thank you in advance for your generosity and support.





     3 Days of Filming: $3,400/day = $10,200 TOTAL

        Crew: $2,000/Day

            Director, DP, Sound Mixer, Makeup artist, Grip, BTS Photographer

        Cast: $600/day

            $150/day x 4 Actors (Required SAG minimum + Pension/Health Contributions)

        Insurance: $400/day

            Required to legally film with SAG actors

        Gear rental: $200/day

            Cameras, Lights, Slider, Jib, Lenses, Gels,

        Food: $200/day

            Craft Services and catered lunch each day


Post Production


    Post Production - $4,000

        Picture edit, sound design, color correction, and mastering




John Hedlund - Director|Producer


John Hedlund is the CEO and Executive Producer of Open Iris Entertainment. He was the Director of Photography on the award winning feature film "Star Crossed Lovers". He directed and wrote "3 Minutes to Air" and Co-Directed "The Writer". He can't wait to film "Therapy, Bro" with this amazing cast and team.


Wally Marzano-Lesnvich - Writer|Star|Producer


Wally’s debut feature as screenwriter/producer/actor, Almost Paris, premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. This film has gone on to play a variety of other festivals, including Beaufort International Film Festival (Winner, Audience Choice Award), Big River (Winner, Best First Feature Director), Hill Country (Nominee, Best Feature; Winner, Best Actress), Garden State, and Santa Fe, amongst others. As an actor, Wally can also be seen in the features Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket and The Depths.


Francesco Nuzzi - Star|Co-Writer|Producer


Francesco Nuzzi is an award winning filmmaker. His films include "Rambler","Star Crossed Lovers", and "Flare", among others. He is super excited to work with Wally, Heather, and Garry on "Therapy, Bro". He knows that with this tremendous cast and with John Hedlund at the helm that this film will be hysterically fun.


Heather Brittain O'Scanlon - Co-Star


Heather is President of SOS Productions, an award-winning film production company. She produced, co-wrote, and co-starred in the short films “House Broken“ and “Lunch Thief”, which  just finished their festival run. Heather is currently starring in "As It Seems", which is now starting a festival run.


Garry Pastore - Co-Star


Garry has well over 50 roles as actor that he has amassed over a 30 year span and is a 2012 SAG AWARD NOMINEE for his work on The Dark Knight Rises. We are thrilled to have Garry as part of this team.


Keith Bishop - Director of Photography


Keith Bishop was part of the "Star Crossed Lovers" team and was the DP on "Flare". His other credits include "3 Minutes to Air" and "The Writer". He's excited and eager to get "Therapy, Bro" in the proverbial can.




    John, Francesco, and Wally met at the Garden State Film Festival (GSFF) in April of 2016. They immediately hit it off, they shared several things in common; a love for story telling, the film industry, and a love for NJ where they are all from. Shortly after the festival the three met for lunch with hopes of developing a new project together. Life was busy for all three of them, John and Francesco had their award winning feature "Star Crossed Lovers" going around to festivals and Wally had his award winning feature "Almost Paris" going to TriBeCa and a few other festivals. Before they knew it a year had gone by and they found themselves together at GSFF 2017 again eager to make things happen. Again they met for lunch and locked down "Therapy, Bro" as the project they should collectively work on next.


What We Need & What You Get


We need funding to create this film & you will get awesome perks for your contributions.


    Every dollar we get will go directly to production and help pay for everything from cast and crew salaries to insurance, equipment rental costs, post production, and film festival submissions. We're seeking $10,000 for this film.


Risks & Challenges


There's always risks and challenges associated with the production of a film. Open Iris's track record of completing a film is second to none.





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